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K9IVB Hermes info   [Newer updated VNA Bridge parts list & Info near bottom]     More info at Hermes wiki page

This is a place where I put my info while working on the Hermes V1.8 manual

Recently moved the old out of date links to the bottom of the page !

Made a temporary case from the top U of an old CD drive
and put an acrylic picture frame on top to keep various detritus
from damaging the board, until the Apollo and TAPR case become available.


Click here for a larger picture

I have not as yet found an accurate TAPR BOM "as built" so don't ask.
Here is a list of mating connectors and substitute parts.  See link below:
                Hermes mating conn ref.xls





New - Component Placement Guide courtesy of Terry Long N8AB

Revision 2 Hermes End Plates

Hermes End Plates v2.pdf

Hermes End Plates v2.WMF

Hammond endplate info including Apollo courtesy of Ian Guffick G7JXY

Hermes_Hammond_Frontpanel_Cutouts_V2.zip  DWG in ZIP format format

For comparison purposes one of the Apache Labs Versions

Apache Labs Hermes.jpg

        Some musings on various component values for R17 & R18  that connect to J1 Transverter.
        The value of C39 can be changed, but it was set at 100nf in cell F3 [$F$3 in equations].
        None of the 3 components were installed on the TAPR builds and all appear to be 0805 SMT parts.
        The spreadsheet is not a sophisticated user friendly endeavor, but a way that I tend to do
        repetitive math problems.  Knowledge of Excel formulas will be helpful.  Link Below:

        Transverter interface.xls

Some links to some excellent programs that were used:

Graphisme et utilitaires - PhotoFiltre ver 6.53
[in Downloads - which is located in top left Left column] http://photofiltre.free.fr/frames_en.htm
Extract to anywhere and run. Nice program and features. Simple editing & easy to use

Dassault Systems DraftSight - Free DWG reader editor

Schindler & Shill Gmbh -  GerberLogix V280 Gerber viewer - great program

Some Vendors that you may have an interest:

SMA Adapters - plus lots of other cables and accessories.
SMA to BNC ($2.89) and SMA to UHF adapters ($2.89)
Wired Communications, LLC.
7342 E. Quail Track Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85266

Inexpensive crimp tools if you are doing 26 J16 pins
ACC175 Crimper for AMP pins $17.50
ACC185 Crimper for Anderson Power Pole $39.99
Maxx Products International, LLC.
815 Oakwood Road, Unit D, Lake Zurich, IL 60047

U10 [LTC2208CUP] possible heatsink (8 pieces) from Early Bird Savings
{LTC2208CUP - UP 64 pin QFN is 9 x9 mm}
8 x Aluminium Heatsink Fr Computer DDR VGA RAM Memory IC Chipset Cooler Cooling
SKU:CCL026 $2.84 ppd to USA 15 x 15 x 8 mm


Revised VNA Bridge Information

        VNA Bridge Parts Lists.xls Updated March 29, 2013

        Sam Wetterlin Electronics  Links to Schematics and  pcb files

        K9IVB Bauln Bridges5_Layout.gif for BalunBridges5.zip [Express PCB file - right click to save the link !]
            Note: Includes a breakout board for Hermes and several in line pads.

        Bridge_DualTC1-1-13_Alt_Ckt.gif Schematic showing revised circuit design.
        New 03/06/2014
            K3IT Revised Gerber files VNABridgeRev3.zip
            K3IT Link to OSH Park Project http://oshpark.com/shared_projects/kHH5LohL
            Mouser Parts List Link https://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=048cbe5d6b


Old or out of date links

Change Notice for Hermes User Manual Ver 1.7.pdf


Old original Hermes End Plate information in different formats
Hermes End Plates.pdf
Hm_EndP.zip DWG in ZIP format

Hammond endplate info including Apollo courtesy of Ian Guffick G7JXY
Hermes_Hammond_Frontpanel_Cutouts_V1.zip  DWG in ZIP format format